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The Annual Parochial Church Meeting is on Sunday morning 22nd May, at St Michael's, following the church service. It will start at about 11:45 am.

Notice of the meeting, has been advertised near the door of the two churches  - as required by the formal process.

Reports are available on this page for download we do not intend to read through all the reports at the meeting

How will you attend?


Documents for the meeting

To keep the meeting short, reports will not be read out at the meeting this year, that is why we are sending them in advance. Please bring your own copy to the meeting - on your Tablet, or print your own copy.

  • Download the Agenda  

  • Download the Reports

  • Do you need a paper copy? We can print out and deliver a few copies. Let me or one of the Church Wardens know

Questions and Discussion at the meeting

  • So that everyone - in the room and on Zoom can hear what you say, we need to ask you to wait for the microphone before speaking.

  • It will help us to manage the meeting if you could send me any questions in advance.


Andrew Palmer, PCC Secretary
Brinsley with Underwood PCC

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