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From the rectory 26th May.... Look not on the size of the problem but on the greatness of God.

1 Samuel 17

David did not just have to defeat the giant Goliath, he also had to overcome considerable opposition from his own brother and even the king before he was able to go out and fight Goliath.

David’s older brother was jealous of David’s confident faith in God and maybe even a bit guilty that he did not share the same faith that David had. So he tried to warn him off by telling him to go back to the menial task of looking after the sheep. But David would have none of it and simply turned away and refused to listen to Eliab. Next, Saul tried to dissuade David by pointing out his inexperience: what makes you think you can defeat Goliath, you’re only a boy. God was able to use David to defeat Goliath not because of his ability but because of his availability.

While everyone else was overawed by the threat that Goliath posed, standing 9ft tall, David took the opposite point of view. He looked not on the size of the problem but on the greatness of God. Saul and the entire nation thought: He is so big there is nothing that I can possibly do, but on the other hand David thought, he is so big how can I possibly miss!

While we might not be facing a literal giant, right now our world is facing the giant challenge of the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19). A ‘giant’ is a big, seemingly insurmountable problem or issue. It would be easy for us to listen to all the doom and gloom stories that are currently circulating, that the virus will always be around, that we might never be able to develop a vaccine, resulting in us losing hope. Or, we can choose to focus on God, who throughout history has always found a way to overcome apparently insurmountable problems. That’s why the song Way Maker has become one of my favourites and why I keep playing it (Tom’s version is fantastic) because It helps me to focus on all that God has done in the past and encourages me to continue to believe in what he will do for us.

Suggested songs for the 12 noon prayer times: -

Tuesday Hungry I come to you.

Wednesday Spirit break out

Thursday This is the air I breath

Friday Spirit of the living God come fall afresh (Riddle)

Saturday. O breath of God come

Monday Way Maker

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